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Procurement and Equipment Hire

Borun Trading assists companies with meeting their social procurement targets. It achieves this through the sourcing, acquisition and supply of construction materials, plant and equipment.

Borun primarily looks to engage directly with a client’s existing network of suppliers and to integrate existing systems with their social objectives.

Alternatively, materials or equipment can be sourced from our range of suppliers direct.

Our service includes an overall review of the most efficient methods in which a client can meet their social procurement targets. Our scope is not limited to procurement and plant hire.

All funds spent through Borun will not only meet your social procurement quotas but will directly benefit Indigenous communities.

Construction Materials

  • Steel (reinforcement, structural)

  • Timber Supply (formwork, general carpentry)

  • Concrete Supplies (grout, precast)

  • PPE

  • Consumables

  • and more

Equipment / Plant

  • Scissor Lifts 

  • Booms

  • Rollers

  • Heavy Duty Civil

  • Crane Hire

  • and more

Past Projects

  • John Holland - Chisholm Road Prison Project Lara 

  • CYP - Metro Tunnel Works

  • Anzac Station

  • Dame Phyllis Prison

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By using our service, you can continue to source materials or equipment from your preferred suppliers.

Our operations are seamless and effectively assist you with meeting your social procurement targets.

We have the capacity to serve a multitude of requirements at large scale.

Social procurement consultancy – we find the most effective methods of reaching your targets.


Our vision is to promote Indigenous causes and alleviate the impacts of intergenerational inequality.

To achieve this vision, we have committed to contribute a percentage of profits towards Indigenous charities we believe will benefit from our sponsorship.

Our director was a former recipient of a school scholarship funded by the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation (AIEF) and therefore understands the value that well funded education provides.

Our 2022 charitable profit distribution was donated to the AIEF.

Ready to work with us?

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